Tour 2021

26.06.2021            RALSWIEK                    “songs to tell“                                      Restaurant „Zum Störti“                       sold out

10.07.2021.           HANNOVER                “songs to tell“                                       Kantine Rustica                                         sold out

23.07.2021            BERLIN                           “CASH - a singer of songs“            Freie Volksbühne                                     sold out

21.08.2021            BAD NENNDORF    “CASH - a singer of songs“            Kurpark                                                          Tickets

03.09.2021            BISCHHEIM                 “CASH - a singer of songs“           Kulturmühle                                                 Tickets

10.10.2021            LEIPZIG                           “CASH - a singer of songs“           Vineta                                                              Tickets

02.12.2021            BISCHHEIM                 “CASH - a singer of songs“            Kulturmühle                                                Tickets

28.12.2021            UECKERMÜNDE      “songs to tell“                                       Kulturspeicher                                           Tickets

Weitere Termine hier in Kürze!